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Department of Leisure Management


Brief Introduction

In order to meet the Taiwan’s leisure and recreation industry needs, our department aims to cultivate students to be distinguished, talented and also able to accord with the market expectation. First, we focus on professional both commerce and management, at the same time, we categorize our courses into three parts: “Tourism”, “Recreation” and “Creative Leisure Management”. Moreover, we put emphasis on the quality of service industry; therefore, our students hold the great career ethic as well as morality. Finally, we encourage our students to have internship during summer and winter vacation, after that, our department has some cooperation with facilities and companies. They have to seize the job opportunities to accumulate their working experiences.
Our department mainly features in combining practice with theory. Hence, we elaborately design the courses into “Tourism Management”, “Recreation Management”, “Creative Leisure Management” and “Marketing and Finance of Leisure Management”. Beside, we recruit professors who are practical with business cooperation in order to build bridge between students and industries. On the other hand, we strongly encourage our professors to conduct the academic research and set the team for further investigation.
Department of Leisure Management is primarily cultivating students to have profession with Leisure Management and Arrangement. The point we focus on is “Tourism”, including “Hotel Management”, “Travel Management”, “Leisure Planning Management”, and so on. In addition, our graduates often take and pass national exams for posts in the civil service, especially tourism at both the national and local levels. In the future, they can choose tour guides, museum interpreters, and others related with Leisure industry.